Samsung seems confused about Chromebook

Hardware maker Samsung seems a bit confused about how it is supposed to be flogging Google’s Chrome notebooks.

The beasts have been on sale in the US for a while now but Samsung appears to be the first to get the portable dumb terminal to Britain.

But the press release with its product photo, which crossed our desk this morning, seemed to show that Samsung was selling two men in suits.

Having seen a bit of guff on Chromebooks before, we had to admit that two blokes wearing suits did not seem to fit the description of what one would look like. Neither did it fit the somewhat vague description in the release.

Apparently the Chromebook is powered by an “Intel Dual Core”. It is not clear if this was a Yonah, Allendale, Merom-2M, Wolfdale-3M, Penryn-3M or something more modern which was not discontinued in 2010. We know they are supposed to be dumb terminals, but surely Chromebooks are not going to be that dumb.

Dubbed the Series 5, Samsung’s first Chromebook is apparently designed for “people who live their lives online” .

Dinesh Chand, Head of Mobile Computing Europe, Samsung, said many are living web-centric lifestyles. By this we assume he means that they are online all the time rather than living by some HTML bible.

Given that the thing is supposed to be simple, the price isn’t. It will be available in the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain and Italy from June 24, 2011, priced at £349 for the Wi-Fi model in the UK and £399 for the 3G-enabled model. Given that you can get a fully function notebook for this and not have to worry about connecting to Google, this is a bit steep.

The description of the thing is of a slim 0.79-inch body and weighing just 1.48kg. So, not two smiling suits, then.

The press release uses the phrase “game changing” which, like the word “paradigm shift”, indicates the writer had run out of things to say but needed to boost the word count.

One thing that the release did say which was useful is that the battery could last up to 8.5 hours. This includes five hours of video play for all-day use without the need to recharge. Which is not bad.

It comes with a 12.1-inch Super Bright display, which is both anti-reflective and anti-glare for a “consistently vibrant visual experience” which just sounds downright dirty talk to us.

Anyway, we know the picture is Sundar Pichai, Senior Vice President, Chrome, Google and SP Kim, President & CEO of Samsung Electronics Europe, at the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook Europe event. It is just a shame that no one thought to take a snap of the shiny box.