Samsung proposes iPhone 5 ban on home turf

Apple and Samsung continue to battle it out. We despair, as the long yawn of a story unfolds further in Korea.

Samsung is allegedly planning to put a block on selling the iPhone 5 in Korea, its own turf. The Korea Times reports that as soon as the iPhone 5 launches, whatever it is, Samsung will shout at the courts to put a ban on the product. It relates to wireless technology, said an unnamed Samsung executive. 

The anonymous source told the Korea Times that he and Samsung is “quite confident”.

Earlier today we told you how Samsung has filed for an appeal in the German courts to lift the blanket-ban of the new Galaxy Tabs, which has been a thorn in its side, placed with surgical precision by Apple lawyers. It countered by attacking Jobs’ Mob in Australia, too, and it is fighting on other fronts as well.

It feels a little bit like the Neverending Story, but the cast is less charming. The story in the courts goes like this: Samsung copies Apple copies Samsung copies Apple copies Samsung copies Samsung copies Apple ad infinitum until you find the man who pioneered the slightly rounded rectangle, who Apple would have you believe was Steve Jobs and Wozzers.

Yet again, it’s a case of going round in circles keeping the patent lawyers in shoes all the while.

Still, the court drama is important – if Apple pulls its ace cards and continues to get a leg over on Samsung, it sends a message to others who would defile or imitate the perfect image of Apple’s tablet.