Samsung opens Apple stores

Samsung is taking its Apple cloning to a new level by copying Jobs’ Mob’s cathedrals.

The outfit has opened a consumer electronics store in Sydney. But visitors to the store might think they had walked into one of Jobs’ Mobs own stores by mistake.

The lay out is minimalist, the staff wear blue shirts and have the same vacuous smiles of a cultist trying to sell you a flower at an airport.

The stock is on a table so that customers can pick up and play.

Samsung insists that everything in the store is its own idea.

It said that Jobs’ Mob had nothing to do with the location and design of its new store. Apple’s cathedral to St Jobs of the Terminally Shallow and Stupid, is just around the corner.

But you can’t help but think that the whole concept is a bit like the High Anglicans saying that their churches are different from the Roman Catholics because they don’t believe in the Pope. Sort of an Oxford Movement of the 21st century, Pusey-ish.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, everything from the store layout to the sales staff to the products and even the packaging and promotional material is uncannily Apple-esque. However Samsung can point to one significant difference. Its stores have wooden tables.

The Samsung store are opening across the world, and – needless to say –  Apple fanboys are screaming “foul” that the evil Samsung should copy their Cathedrals of delight.

Comic Conan O’Brien, mocked Samsung with a parody clip of a Samsung manager calling BS on Apple’s charges of copying. The clip includes a send-up of Samsung’s stores.