Samsung launches its high-speed 512GB SSD

Samsung has launched what it claims is the first solid state drive (SSD) utilising high-performance toggle-mode DDR NAND.

The new 512 gigabyte (GB) SSD is said to give electronic data processing application designers “advanced performance and reliability for notebooks with premium value.”

It’s said to make use of a 30 nanometer-class 32 gigabit chip that the company began producing last November. The toggle-mode DDR structure together with the SATA 3.0Gbps interface generates a maximum sequential read speed of 250 Megabyte per second (MBps) and a 220MBps sequential write speed, both of which are said to provide three-fold the performance of a typical hard disk drive. At these speeds, two standard length (apprx. 4GB each) DVD movies can be stored in just a minute.

Dong-Soo Jun, executive vice president, memory marketing, Samsung Electronics, said: “The highly advanced features and characteristics of our new SSD were obtained as a direct result of an aggressive push for further development of our NAND flash technology, our SSD controller and our supportive SSD firmware.

“Early introduction of this state-of-the-art toggle DDR solution will enable Samsung to play a major role in securing faster market acceptance of the new wave of high-end SSD technology.”

The drive is also said to be power efficient as it contains a low-power controller specifically for toggle-mode DDR NAND. The resulting power throttling capability enables the drive’s high-performance levels without any increase in power consumption over a 40nm-class 16Gb NAND-based 256GB SSD. The controller is also claimed to analyse how many times people use the laptop and automatically activates a low-power mode that can extend a laptop’s battery life for an hour or more.

The 512GB SSD will begin shipping next month.