Samsung Galaxy Tab out in November for $600

The Samsung Galaxy Tab will be available on Verizon Wireless from November 11 for a wallet-eating price of $599.99, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The tablet will rival Apple’s highly-successful iPad, which is current selling for $629 on AT&T’s network, making the Galaxy Tab slightly cheaper, but still in the rip-off zone for what is contained under the cover of the device, particularly considering what kind of PC could be bought for that kind of money.

While Apple has traditionally gotten away with charging exorbitant prices for its products, a trend it set with its overpriced Macintosh computers, it has a much stronger image and a more loyal fanbase willing to part with cash than Samsung does, which raises serious questions about how Samsung believes it will sell the Galaxy Tab for such a high price.

This price is much lower than original reports, however. In September listed the Galaxy Tab for a whopping £799, which translated to just over $1,250, over double the price Verizon is selling it for.

Amazon still lists the retail price at £799, but it’s now offering it at a discounted price of £529, which still works out at around $850. The US version of Amazon does not currently list the tablet, so it may simply mean that Europeans are getting shafted with an even higher price for an already overpriced product.

The seven-inch Galaxy Tab may also face another problem if Steve Jobs is to believed. He was recently reported as saying the seven-inch size would not be “sufficient to create great tablet apps”, despite the fact that many rivals, such as RIM and Samsung, have opted for this size. 

It was also widely believed that the iPad 2G, expected early next year, would feature a smaller seven-inch size, but Jobs quickly ruled that out, suggesting the next incarnation of the iPad would retain its 9.7-inch screen.