Samsung forced to outsource notebook production

Samsung will have to outsource some of its laptop production with Taiwan’s manufacturers because the outfit’s tight in-house production capacity will not manage its shipment goal for this year.

The company wanted to ship 18 million laptops for this year, which was more than 80 per cent higher than it made last year.

According to Cens, industry watchers are sceptical about whether Samsung can achieve its production goals.

Its plants are running flat out and its 2011 shipment goal is fast becoming unattainable if no capacity is added the magazine said.

Samsung executives have been wining and dining Taiwan’s contract manufacturers, including Inventec and Pegatron and are trying to iron out a few contract production deals.

It is believed that contracts will be placed sometime in the second half of this year.

In 2010, the company snatched around five percent of world laptop market, becoming the number seven supplier.