Samsung drops one patent claim against Apple

Apple and Samsung are embroiled in what is turning out to be a long and bitter war over who invented what, with lots of complicated legal footwork.

However it seems that some of the Apple inclined press is claiming that Jobs’ Mob has had a total victory, after Samsung walked away from one of its counter-suits against Apple.

Even Reuters ran a headline which trumpeted “Samsung drops lawsuit against Apple”  which implied that it was all over.

The stories pointed out that Samsung had filed a counter-suit against Apple in the ongoing legal battle – which concerns similarities in the iOS device lineup against the Galaxy S lineup from Samsung.

The counter-suit concerned the design of the user interface being very similar to that of Samsung’s.

To the Tame Apple Press, this was an admission that Steve Jobs invented the user interface and that Samsung had surrendered completely.  We expect pious editorials which say that Samsung should hand over all its sinful stock to the true and holy Apple for even speaking such heresy.

However what is emerging today is that Samsung dropped the suit a last week in an attempt to streamline the legal precedings. The problem was that by it having a counter-suit it holds up the release of future devices from both companies.

Samsung is continuing its legal battle in terms of copyright infringement. The two outfits are slugging it out in courts in five countries including South Korea, Japan, Germany and the UK Samsung says it will continue to protect itself against Apple.