Samsung dampens down 3D frenzy

A situation where you can sit on your sofa and watch indifferent 3D movies without wearing clumsy spectacles that cost a fortune isn’t likely to happen for another five or 10 years.

That’s according to hacks at the Wall Street Journal, privy to a briefing by Samsung visual display president BK Yoon, who said that 3D without glasses works far better on small screens.

There are reasons for that.

Some 3D systems, as we have reported, demand that people sit in exactly equidistant places on their sofas and settees, in their lounges and living rooms – otherwise they won’t be able to see the action at all. Not every household is so thoroughly regulated.

Further, senior fellow at Intel, Genevieve Bell, told us in September that wearing clunky glasses interfered with the flow of conversation in an average home, where people like to watch the google, sorry goggle box together.

And worse than that, there is a small percentage of people who can’t see 3D at all, while others experience vertigo and other distressing symptoms checking out the 3D boxes.

The Wall Street Journal report is here (subscription needed). What are these big vendors going to do about all the hype they’ve generated about 3D when the tech isn’t really there yet (or ever)?