Samsung d'amour shows its true colours in Vegas

2011 is shaping up to be a “smart” year indeed if all of these technology companies are to be believed, it’s smart everything – smartphones, smart TVs. TechEye sent over a smartarse to Samsung’s pre-show event in Lost Wages sorry Las Vegas.

The queue was something else. Intel’s queue was big, but it didn’t snake around itself twice over like this one – we guess Mooly Eden was right when he said consumer is king because there’s nothing to get the attention of the temporary tech rat pack like unneccessarily enormous televisions and tablet PCs. Look at the queue:

Yet again, we arrived late and the only thing to do was hurry to the front and beg for entrance. The LVCC is a huge area and it felt like everyone who had ever visited past present or future was crammed into this Venetian suite.

The suit finishes and the curtain goes up, there’s an outright bizarre stage that wouldn’t look out of place on ITV’s Alan Titchmarsh Show – and I think the guys speaking had the same copy writers too. Tim Baxter walked on stage to muzak if you can call it that which would feel squarely at home on the late night shopping channels. Baxter revealed to us the  trinity of Samsung’s beliefs under the banner of “Smarter Life”. There’s smarter design – so that’s an intuitive nature to the products, smarter experience – think Bada apps – and smarter connections. Every company under the Sun this year is on an integration and connectivity kick so that’s what that is.

John Revves, Product and Consumer division Vice President joined Baxter on stage. They showed off a line of new high end TVs with a tiny bezel, thinner than a standard HB pencil. According to the two in their odd daytime chat esque diatribe, 3D models will make up 60 percent of Samsung’s telly production soon. Two thirds will be smart TV, ie they connect up to your other screens and you can stream stuff on them. With apps and things.

All of Samsung’s future kit is going to have the “one foot connection” which means you stick it near your Samsung router and it’s sync’d up, no wires or hassle apparently. And there’s the new “Searchall” which searches all.  Then there’s “Your Video” too which makes recommendations based on what you’ve been watching, so hopefully there’s an “incognito” mode if you’re sitting down with the wife. 

If you get a smart TV you’re going to want some 3D glasses, so there’s a new pair out by Samsung which are extra light and stylish, allegedly. Judge for yourself:

Yes, Samsung glasses really put you in the movie – in fact they turn you into The Matrix’s dastardly Mr. Smith. 

We’re not out of the smartwoods yet. Saving best til middle, the likely lads Baxter and  Reeves unveiled Samsung’s greatest innovation yet. It’s a “way to bring forward the modern post-it system,” it’s the smart fridge with an eight inch screen and connectivity! It connects your fridge to the internet so you can download hot dogs or something.

Samsung also announced the winners of an app design competition, something called “We Draw” from the Free the TV Challenge. The guys behind it got a $250,000 cheque.

Last but not least, and not even last as we took an exit soon afterwards, Samsung showed off an iPod Touch that runs on Android. It’s a first. Apparently.