Samsung Chromebook Series 5 hits UK 24th June

Earlier today Google announced its Chromebooks. Samsung is a partner – and it has just released details of the “Samsung Chromebook Series 5”.

The creation, which Samsung reckons will “revolutionise the PC experience” has a .79 inch width body. The screen will be a 12.1″ 1280×800, WXGA LCD Superbright and boasts both anti-reflective and anti-glare.

Under the bonnet is an Intel N570 1.66Ghz dual core processor.

It’ll sport a 16GB SSD for storage and 2GB of DDR3 for memory. And, obviously, it’ll hold the Chrome OS.

Samsung claims that the Li-Ion Polymer 61 Wh battery will last up to 8.5 hours. It boasts that it can play five hours of video in a single charge and the battery will have a lifespan of up to 1,000 cycles.

The product, touted as a sleek black and white fashion-friendly model, will weigh 3.2 lbs, and retail for £399 in the UK for the 3G Wi-Fi model. Wi-Fi alone will sell for £349.

You’ll be able to pick it up from either Amazon or PC World in the UK from the 24th of June.