Samsung announces low-power 100 and 200GB Solid State Drives

Samsung has said that it will be mass producing 100 and 200 gigabyte solid state drives (SSDs) to be used as the primary storage in enterprise storage systems.

According to Gartner, worldwide SSD units and revenues for enterprise application will grow from 324K units and US $485 million in 2009 to 6.3 million units and US$3.6 billion in 2014.

Samsung, which started producing its 3.5 inch 100 and 200GB SSDs last month, hopes to encourage companies to adopt SSDs as a main storage option by touting it as a way to minimise power consumption.

According to the company, low power consumption is a key attraction for system operators adopting enterprise storage systems with SSDs. It said the faster operating speeds of the  200GB enterprise SSD will lower the power consumption of enterprise storage systems with SSDs.

It said a 72 terabyte enterprise storage system using conventional SSDs consumes approximately 6.9 kilowatts (kWs), a 30 percent saving over an equivalent system with HDD storage which consumes 10kWs.

The first company to get its hands on the product is EMC, which will be using Samsung’s enterprise-class SSDs its midrange storage portfolio.

The SSDs use a 40-nanometer-class single-level-cell (SLC) NAND flash chips as well as a controller that uses a 3Gb/s SATA interface. It can random read commands at 47,000 input/outputs per second (IOPS) and random writes at 29,000 IOPS, compared to a 15K RPM HDD which has an IOPS rate of 350, a 130X and 80X gain respectively in random IOPS read and write performance.

For those concerned about security, Samsung says the SSDs have an advanced data encryption algorithm, to address growing reliability and security concerns in enterprise storage.