Samsung and LG battle it out over 3D TV

Samsung recently claimed to have released the “world’s first” HD 3D LED TV in Korea. Three weeks later LG announced that it too had released its own alphabet soup, “world’s first” HD 3D LED TV. So which one was the real McCoy, and who was simply telling 3D porkies?

LG, of course, claims its version is unique, being the only LED TV in the world with the bulbs situated right behind the LCD panel, compared with Samsung’s “edge lit” only version, where the bulbs are situated around the television’s perimeter. So in a way, both have “world firsts,” but in their own special marketeering ‘unique’ way.

Samsung and LG

Either way, the preoccupation with which company hit the finishing line first is a tad irrelevant for potential consumers looking for outstanding picture quality. For those punters looking to jump on the 3D bandwagon, a more logical question may simply be, “edge or full lit?” and the 3D jury is still out on that one.

And although Samsung and LG are disputing ownership over the world first status both firms are currently in agreement on one thing.

The two chaebols are forming relationships with industry lobbyists and influential government associations in Korea, with the hope of introducing 3-D television into the country’s terrestrial networks as part of a trial set for the end of this year.

Now, that would be a world first.