Samsung 3D Blu-ray players don't work – report

A report on 3D claimed that Samsung 3D Blu-ray players being sold in Best Buy don’t work.

The site said it hardly matters as there are no 3D Blu-ray movies available yet. But it quotes industry insiders as saying that the Samsung players were tested with 3D movies and don’t work at all.

Samsung, in an official response,  told the site that it is finalising full certification at a testing centre, and the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) will release official test disks used for certification.

It told that it’s confident that the Blu-ray player will pass certification.

The BDA would not comment on the report.

Samsung is set to make a big 3D announcement today. Panasonic is set to make a big announcement tomorrow. Sony will probably make a big 3D announcement the day after tomorrow. And so it goes.