Sales of Euro PCs plummeted in February

People bought less notebooks and netbooks in February, will sales of netbooks falling by 24.4 percent and notebooks by 18.4 percent, compared to the same month last year.

That’s according to IT research company Context, with CEO Jeremy Davies describing the figures as “a sharp drop”. He said that this time last year Western Europe saw double digit growth for PCs, mostly of notebook PCs and netbooks.

“Last year this time… both small businesses and home buyers were still willing to buy. It now seems that consumers have decided that netbooks are no longer desirable,” he said.

Context said that 71 percent of the 14 major countries it tracks showed a decline in sales. Spain saw a precipitous drop in February of 36 percent.  Sales fell 14.2 percent in Italy and 6.5 percent in France. One exception was Germany, which saw an increase of 16.4 percent in February.  The UK, which accounts for 14 percent of all sales, also saw sales rising – by 5.6 percent.