RT Surface rumoured to be $199

Microsoft might just be about to steal dominance over the tablet market by releasing its new RT Surface for just $199.

If by some quirk of fate the rumours are true then all bets are off as to who will dominate the tablet market.

The Surface has had good reviews from those few who got their paws on it. The only weakness is that the Surface was rumoured to be at the expensive end of the market.

A session was held at Microsoft’s recent TechReady15 conference in which all the launch details were laid out. If things go according to plan, the Surface for Windows RT tablet will be launching 26 October at $199.

This will mean that the tablet will ship lower than cost and would be competing against the Nexus 7 and even the Kindle Fire. The difference is that the tablet will be much bigger and come with a detachable keyboard.

It would be hard to see how any tablet could actually compete against Microsoft at that price and with that spec. The only problem is that Vole could not possibly hope to make any money from it – unless in content.

So, why would Steve Ballmer want to give the world a tablet using Microsoft’s huge cash mountain?

Well, it would appear the logic is that it would be a tool for advertising Windows 8. Lots of people would buy the tablet, and it if played nice with other Windows devices, such as PCs and Nokia phones, it would give these a boost. Microsoft could also hope to make its money back by providing apps for the beast.

But that is a huge gamble and let’s not forget what a cheap as chips Windows tablet will do to Microsoft’s partners.

Companies like Acer will be incandescent with rage as Vole shuts them off from the market.

Ballmer might be thinking that it is worth it just to stick Microsoft’s trotter in the door of mobile.