Romans don't understand what a real con is

Visitors to Europe’s Holy City might be a little surprised to find that the local Apple supplier is a little more honest than the ones they might see at home.

While the Apple stores back home pretend that they are patron saints of virtue, they seem to charge an awful lot for gear which was made in China by suicidal workers.

However the Roman store says what it is.  It calls itself “iCon” it they probably meant it in terms of iconic rather than fleecing users for large amounts of cash, which it would mean in Blighty.

Its honesty pays off.  We popped in and the place was packed. The prices at the store were similar to those elsewhere and no one tried to sell us shares in the Brooklyn Bridge. Of course the keyboardless netbook was there, and lots of other over priced shiny stuff, but no more of an iCon than any other Apple outfit.