Roman bloke stabbed in Playstation row with son

Computer games consoles are bringing a whole new dimension to father and son relationships in Italy.

Traditionally a father would approach his son, put his arm around him and give him some paternal advice. There would then follow a long animated row with arms being flung around like windmills. Sometimes it would get so heated that one side will pull a knife and the other would end up in the tabloids and the hospital. This has been going on since the founding of Rome.

According to the Rome press the story now has a modern twist. Apparently Fabrizio R was playing the soccer video game FIFA 2009 with his 16-year-old son, Mario.

He apparently felt that now was the time to advise Mario on his style of play. This apparently angered Mario who was not keen on his father’s Playstation methods. The father was so miffed at this lack of respect that he turned the TV off to discuss the matter further, with the traditional shouting and arm waiving.

According to the Carbonari,  Mario stabbed his dad in the neck with a 15-inch (40 cm) kitchen knife.

He apparently cleaned the knife, because Mamma was there and she would not like to see a mess. In fact Mamma didn’t find out until her husband stumbled into the room, clutching his throat.

The teenager shut himself in his bedroom and sulked in a  traditional “Oh God” teen manner after the attack and came quietly when the coppers knocked on his door.

Ironically the Playstation was bought for him as a birthday present a few days earlier. His parents didn’t want him playing violent games because “you never know what they will do” so they got him the football game instead.  After all Italian football is never violent.