Rippers abandon DivX

One of the bigger DVD ripping software outfits has ditched support for DivX files.

Handbrake, which is popular among users of Apple’s range of fruity toys, has released a 0.9.4 update which kills off DivX support.

HandBrake was ported to Windows a few years ago and is also available for Linux but is more popular with Apple fans.

Now the developers are only allowing punters to convert DVDs and other media to MKV or MP4 files – with the option to save as Apple-friendly M4V files. DivX is universally accepted on DVD players.

According to the developers, ditching support for AVI files using DivX and XviD made sense, as the technology was out of date.

It does not support modern container features like chapters, muxed-in subtitles, variable framerate video, or out of order frame display.  If Handbrake keeps its AVI muxer then it will have to maintain  a convoluted data pipeline, full of conditionals that make the code more difficult to read and maintain, and make output harder to predict.

But it is a little strange in that you generally want a DVD you have ripped to be seen by your player.  While MKV and MP4 are becoming increasing popular with device makers, they cannot be seen by some gear.