RIM slashes prices on failed tablet

It looks like RIM is giving up on its 16GB Tablet with a warehouse full of the failed gadgets being sold on eBay for less than half price.

RiIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook 16GB Tablet has been discounted down to $169 from 499, which is around 66 percent off. RIM has decided that no one really wants its 16 GB tablet.

The move follows a decision by one of its main manufacturers to stop making the tablets. There also appears to be warehouses full of them which no one wants to buy.

The eBay listing said that “The Blackberry Playbook is the brand’s entry into the world of tablets and it sets a high precedent for its competitors.”

We think the precedent for this was set by HP which did a similar thing when its tablet failed. In that case though it was selling them for much less. It is telling that RIM even cocks up a fire sale and tries to make itself too pricey.

The 7-inch Blackberry Playbook tablet PC is armed with a dual core 1GHz Cortex A-9 CPU and has a GB  of RAM. Somehow even at that price, we can’t feel motivated to buy one.