RIM shows off Blackberry Playbook

Research In Motion (RIM) has unmasked its newest shambling shoggoth, the “new professional-grade” Blackberry Playbook tablet, with the obligatory OS unsurprisingly called Blackberry Tablet OS, based on the QNX Neutrino microkernel. It has a 7-inch capacitive touch screen with a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels and naturally supports all the sort of fingering smartphone users have become used to.

It packs two HD cameras allowing users to sing Bohemian Rhapsody during a video conference, decodes 1080p HD video alongside DivX, WMV, H.264 and can also playback MP3, AAC and WMA. Who would’ve thought that. In contrast to the Apple iPad it also has a microUSB and a microHDMI port, although it is missing a slot for a microSD card. RIM however stated the specs aren’t finalised and other features will be unveiled before it hits the market.

Research In Motion Playbook

The CPU will have two cores and be clocked at 1GHz. Further details on the processor weren’t given, so it may be an Nvidia Tegra 2, a Qualcomm Snapdragon, or even a Samsung Orion. It can at least be surmised it won’t be brain matter wetware, as such technology is not yet available on this planet.

Le Playbook’s Webkit supports HTML5, Adobe Flash Player 10 and Mobile Air, setting it apart from a certain competitor with lesser features. Users of Blackberry smartphones can hook their handset up to the Playbook using Bluetooth and peruse their emails, calendar, tasks and content stored on their phone on the nicer, bigger screen. Smartphone data is cached on the Playbook, which is naturally compatible with Crackberry Enterprise Server and will make the IT department happy.

After a first quarter 2011 launch in the US of A, Research In Motion say the Playbook will hit the EU sometime in next year’s second quarter.