RIM planning big expensive tablet

Just when other mobile phone companies in the world  start tipping up with cheap, smaller tablets, RIM has shown that it is on the ball by releasing something big and expensive.

Troubled RIM has been playing with a 10-inch tablet since last year but sidelined it and focused on not putting out its next-generation BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

But the rumour is that the larger PlayBook is back on the roadmap and should be in the warehouse some time next year.

Vietnamese forum Tinhte has published images of the tablet which looks kosher.

The 10 inch tablet looks like a larger version of RIM’s 7-inch slate and it has a 7,250 mAh battery in one image. There is also “BlackBerry 4G PlayBook” branding on the bottom of the tablet and it will ship with an HSPA+ radio.

But it is exactly the tablet that RIM should have released 18 months ago when they were all about size and high prices. Now tablets appear to be shrinking both in size and price.

To be far to RIM, there is no indication what price this tablet will be, but by next year we would have thought that the company will be short on cash and not be able to afford to discount it at all.