Reports of PC's death have been greatly exaggerated

While the world+dog talks up mobile computing as the next big thing, Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie says that the death of the PC is a long way off.

Ozzie, the creator of Lotus Notes, who is now Microsoft’s chief technical officer said that PC use was growing as they become less expensive and easier to use.

Talking to the LA Times Ozzie said that once people might have bought a PC for one room in the household, now families are buying a four-pack of netbooks to share with their kids.

While it was true that there were tablets and phones, and more intelligent TVs this is not a shift from the PC to these other things. It is just an increase in the number of screens we connect with.

Ozzie thinks that the PC is still strong, and there are greater opportunities with it because it is possible to deliver services across lots of different gear.

While Microsoft might have missed the ball with the move to the internet, Ozzie is convinced it has caught up. He said that that with Office 2010 the package is much more appropriate for the connected world that we all live and work in today.

He said that the next problem for Microsoft will be how other companies deal with the internet and their ability to connect with each other online. After all there is nothing more embarrassing than inventing software that enables people to connect and they sit at home and do nothing with it.