Report finds 70 percent of netbook users unphased by iPad

70 percent of netbook users stayed with their trusted devices instead of going for an iPad, according to a new report by Retrevo.

The study found that 30 percent were completely unphased by the iPad’s launch, going straight for a netbook. A further 40 percent waited a bit, but eventually went for a netbook. Only 30 percent jumped ship for the Apple’s tablet.

Those who are still uncertain on which to purchase are mostly leaning towards an iPad at 78 percent. 22 percent are leaning towards a traditional netbook. With the media attention the iPad has received it’s not surprising that the undecided would be thusly inclined.

Retrevo report 2

Laptops are still the more popular choice, with 65 percent of people choosing them over netbooks over the past year. For those considering buying a new device similar numbers cropped up, with 65 percent wanting a laptop instead of a netbook. It seems the extra functionality of a proper laptop computer still trumps the less versatile netbook and tablet.

Retrevo report 3

For those who picked or are planning to pick a netbook, 54 percent found the small size and weight of a netbook the most attractive feature. 20 percent were enticed by the price. 19 percent liked the battery life. A further seven percent picked “other”. Portability seems to be the dominant trend here.

Retrevo report 4

While there is no doubt that the iPad has stolen some of the netbook’s customers, the majority have remained faithful.