Raspberry Pi sells out in minutes

The entire stock of the Raspberry Pi sold out within a few hours of going on the market.

The device is being touted as a new way to train the next generation of computer programmers and is about the size of a credit card and costs £22.

The first batch of 10,000 units have all gone and the sites trying to sell them crashed with the demand. Distributor RS Components said that tens of thousands of people tried to order one and this was the greatest level of demand the company had ever received for a product at one time.

The company gets its first batch of devices from China next week and the Raspberry Pi Foundation, a charity, limited sales to one per customer to avoid scalpers and to “get to as many people as possible”, it said on Twitter.

The aim of the gear is to put the Raspberry Pi in the hands of every kid in the United Kingdom. Its only rivals are the Beagleboard and Pandaboard which are $150 and $180 respectively. Raspberry Pi’s costs have been kept low because of goodwill from suppliers and because its organisers aren’t paid by the charity.