Quantum dots will light up your life

A company specialising in nanotechnology solid state lighting and display said it has bought a patent portfolio from Motorola that uses quantum dots.

QD Vision already has nine patents granted and 130 patents pending which came out of MIT and its own labs.

QD didn’t say how much it had aid for the portfolio but hightlighted US patent 5,442,254 which it said is one of the earliest patents relating to photoluminescent quantum dots in products.

Other patent pending applications relate to using quantum dots in a large number of display applications including LCD backlight units.

QD Vision is creating products under the Quantum Light brand for blacklight units for mobile phones, laptops, and TVs. It will ship its first products next year.

But it already has a product – the Quantum Light optic product is available for the solid state lighting industry. Its products use the light emitting properties of semiconductor nanocrystals and claims high power efficiency, very high quality colour, and design flexibility.