Quanta builds half of all HP notebooks

Taiwanese ODM Quanta will make half of the notebooks HP sells next year, according to reports..

In 2012 HP outsourced 40 per cent of its notebook orders to Quanta and has just upped the figure.

Digitimes, which is quoting sources from the upstream supply chain, said that HP’s estimated notebook shipment volume will be 40 million units next year so Quanta will make about 20 million notebooks.

This will allow the company to stay ahead of its biggest rival Compal.

The move appears to have come at the expense of Foxconn. The company had 20 percent of HP’s orders in 2012 but will not get any in 2013.

This means the company will only have notebook orders from Sony and a few MacBook Pro orders from Apple for 2013.

Digitimes said that this means that Foxconn’s invasion into the notebook manufacturing market for the past two years is over.

Wistron has also seen its orders drop. In 2012 it was looking after 16 percent of HP’s orders while this year it will only get seven percent. Compal received a similar percentage as Wistron with 7-8 percent. Compal is probably not too upset. It is the biggest winner in Acer and Dell’s notebook pie for 2013, landing 70 percent of Dell’s orders and a third of of Acer’s orders. This will mean that it will have to make 24 million notebooks.

The other big winner was Inventec which saw its percentage increase by more than a quarter.