Qualcomm Mirasol colour display needs volumes to fly

E-paper using MEMS (microelectromechanical system) colour technology by Qualcomm has already been implemented in a South Korean reader.  But the Qualcomm Mirasol tech comes at a price, even though it holds out promise for the future.

That’s one of the conclusions analyst company IHS comes to in a report on the small medium display market.

The Korean tablet, dubbed the Kyobo has a 5.6-inch 1024 x 768 pixel display with a pixel density of 225 PPI.  But the Mirasol tech can show full colour and bring fast response speeds while maintaining the low power that e-readers need. The Kyobo, however, sells for $319, so the price tag is too high for fast adoption, IHS thinks.

It says that worldwide shipments of displays for dedicated e-book readers will double this year at 27.1 million units. However, IHS believes that 108 percent rise from the 2010 figure will not continue in the future because of competition from products like the Apple iPad. In 2015 displays will decline, and that’s what IHS believes will spur the market for colour displays.

Future growth for ebooks is likely to come from vertical markets like education, but no specs for products in this space yet exist, IHS said.