PVI will not release e-reader after all – confirmed

It had been speculated by many but confirmed by none that Prime View International, which supplies its E Ink product for the Amazon Kindle among others, would come out with its own e-reader.

PVI acquired E Ink Corp., based in Boston, late last year for US $215 million. Before the sale PVI was E Ink’s largest customer making up over half of its revenue, and with the acquisition PVI became the go-to company for anyone with an e-reader that needed E Ink. With PVI doing so well for itself it’s no surprise that analysts and journalists have been keeping a close eye on the company. The New York Times last year thought it would be a good bet.

But our friend over in Taiwan, Dan Bloom, has got in touch to let us know that it doesn’t plan to release any PVI-branded e-readers. Scott Liu, CEO at PVI, confirmed that he has no plans for branded e-readers as he doesn’t want to upset his customers.

“We won’t produce any PVI-branded e-readers since Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other well known e-reader firms are our customers, we won’t be making an e-reader that would in any way compete with our valued customers.”

While he is not prepared to, other vendors in Taiwan are, with full-colour competitors selling for as little as $60. However, with PVI’s huge share and investments in the e-reader market, its customers must be breathing a huge sigh of relief.

Dan’s article is in the July edition of Taiwan Review.