Punters want cheaper tablets

When it comes to tablets, it appears that punters will buy them if they are cheap enough.

Lately the tablet market has been flooded with gear that mimics Apple’s model of an overpriced keyboardless notebook. This has been in the hope that they will make as much on the gear as Apple did.

However punters are not seeing it that way. While Apple still, bizarrely, rules supreme, the people that are cleaning up selling tablets on Amazon are the cut price China-based white-box vendors Zenithink and Anhub.

Zenithink flogs a 10-inch tablet PC ePad while Anhub sells a 7-inch model. Both have ranked among the top 20 selling tablet PCs on Amazon.

What has been driving users to the two tablet PCs is the fact that they have the appearance and functionality similar to an iPad but are much less expensive.

Digitimes  said that the 10-inch ePad sells at $259.99, which is much lower than $499 for the cheapest iPad.

White-box tablet PCs are not as stable and lack support for application downloads and of course after-sale maintenance is a bit of a joke. However, what this says is that users want cheaper tablets and the international vendors should listen.

While it is possible to undercut Apple completely from the market, vendors have been reluctant to do so. The Galaxy Tab, for example, is only marginally cheaper than the iPad and smaller. Such competition makes Apple’s pricing model look reasonable when it should be at the top end of the market, like the Macs.