Psychic fails to predict iPhone

A psychic’s reputation is in tatters after he claimed that a picture which was knocked together on a kid’s iPhone was a real picture of a ghost.

Anthony Grzelka was having his spiritual talents tested on radio Nova 93.7 after a listener, Rhanee, sent in a photo of her house which also showed the glow of a ghost.

The snap showed a ten year old girl. Grzelka had the photo looked at by a photographic specialist who told him it was not fake.

Grzelka told Rhanee the photo was frightening but the spirit was only an innocent little girl called Bethany who had died in a fire in the early 1900s.

“Around 1905, 1910 this little girl unfortunately lost her life in a (hospital) fire, I’m not sure if it’s your building or in that area,” said Grzelka. He said that the house was also inhabited by an old bloke.

A few hours later Nova 93.7 listeners revealed the photo was the same image used in an iPhone application called Ghost Capture.

The irony was that although the picture was a hoax, the caller did believe her house was haunted and she still wanted to sell it.

Rhanee’s friend’s 11-year-old son had taken the photo on his iPhone as a joke. Grzelka should have smelt a rat. He thought the girl died in 1910 but the snap is of an early 17th century girl. Of course she could have had an outdated sense of fashion.

Grzelka stood by the information he gave. He said that the information he gave relating to the hospital/orphanage fire was all correct and verified by the lady who owns the house where the events are happening.

He said that the name Bethany came to him along with details of her death and he assumed the iPhone picture was the same girl.

“I don’t always get it right but I try to the best of my abilities,” he said.