PS3 millennium bug fixed

Sony has fixed a bug which knocked PlayStation 3 users off the game console’s online network and caused data loss.

The problem was caused when the expensive Spacies machine woke up one morning and realised that 2010 is a leap year. On Sunday it did what everyone does on a leap year and set the date of its systems to January 1, 2000.

The problem was similar to the Y2K bug only in that case everyone predicted what was happening and patched it before it happened.

The problem is affecting older PlayStation 3 models, but not the newest slim version that went on sale in September.

Sony faced the embarrassing situation that it had to warn punters not to use the older PlayStation 3 systems until the problem was fixed as doing so could cause errors and make it impossible to record gaming achievements and restore some data.

Sony would not say how many users were affected by the problem. Nearly 1.4 million PlayStation 3 consoles were sold in the US.