Promise Technology launches VTrak Ex30 series

Promise Technology has launched its VTrak Ex30 series of enterprise storage devices.

The new products have an 8Gb Fibre Channel, 6Gb SAS, 1Gb iSCSI and 10G iSCSI and incorporate Intel’s Xeon C5500/C3500 processor, which the company claims will give customers a “dramatic increase in power and flexibility” of up to 650K I/Ops.

According to the company the VTrak Ex30 series will also boost performance up to 4x more than its previous products from 1500 MB/s to 6000 MB/s as well as reducing power consumption. This is because the devices require less cooling and offer a smaller profile chassis for an easy fit in racks under twenty inches.

When combined with Promise’s VTrak S3000, the the VTrak Ex30 is said to become a fully integrated, turn-key storage system, which provides virtualisation features with no additional charges for tiering or capacity, reducing a user’s total cost of acquisition.

Natalya Yezhkova, research director, Storage Systems Program at IDC, said: “The Ex30 system from Promise delivers a number of functions that end users from midrange organisations to enterprise customers expect to see in storage systems including multi-tiering, storage virtualisation, data protection, and thin provisioning.

“While many of these functions are delivered by other storage products, the all-inclusive approach is not yet as common. At the same time, having all functionality included in the storage system offering, as it is done by Promise, is as important for end users.”

Other features of the new series include processing power of 1900 MB/s write and 5200 MB/s read with sustainable RAID 5 and an internal bus architecture. The 8Gb Fibre Channel System ships with 8Gb FC ports, which is said to give greater bandwidth (6 GB/s) for driving larger loads.
There are also supports for larger configurations including up to 7 expansion chassis support for a total of 192 drives is included. The system is scalable up to 384TB.