Progress, recession take their toll on sales of add-in graphics cards

Graphics research firm JPR said that sales of boards with discrete graphics chips fell by over 15 percent in the second quarter compared to sales in the second quarter last year.

Slightly over 16 million add in boards shipped in the second quarter of this year, compared to 19.01 million in the same period last year. Integrated CPUs from both AMD and from Intel which fuse graphics on the same die are having an increasing effect on the market for add in boards.

Add in boards are favoured by computer gamers who pay a lot for the privilege of using AMD-ATI or Nvidia graphics chips. But average selling prices are gradually declining, JPR said.

They’re also used in high end workstations.

AMD held 40.6 percent of the market in Q2 of this year, while Nvidia held 59 percent, JPR said.

The research company puts the decline down to the impact of integrated embedded graphics and a prolonged worldwide recession.