Predict what the ioSafe lunatics do next, win some stuff

Indestructible hard drive mad-men at ioSafe are hosting another one of their pre-CES competitions. ’tis the season, a spokesperson tells us.

All you have to do is correctly guess how they’ll be testing their latest kit at the next show. Just to give you an idea, the team doesn’t usually bother with benchmarks: in January this year they invited us along to carry out IT support’s wet dream. Not Star Trek nudes, shooting shotguns at hard drives. The things didn’t break.

The year before, ioSafe ran over a SoloPRO SSD with a 15 ton excavator. It survived.

You can find all the details for entry on ioSafe’s bog, here

There are some clues to help you on the way. Though ioSafe says the competition’s not open to minors, we understand it is open to miners.