Pornstar assets will push 3D telly

Japanese porn star Mika Kayama’s assets are being used to get punters panting to the new 3D telly.

Kayama and Yuma Asami, who work for the adult-movie maker S1 No.1Style, are about to star in a deep and meaningful 3D flick which will move the Japanese public to throw off its traditional shackles and plastic post-Marshall Plan society. Nah, not really – “3D X Mika Kayama” and “3D X Yuma Asami” is what you can expect from an upcoming 3D Japanese porn double feature.

While the big telly manufacturers are planning a huge thrust for 3D telly which comes on the back of a revolution in the movie industry, there is some reluctance from punters to swallow the new technology.

Content analyst Yuji Fujimori says 3D porn’s arrival could trigger the success of the new sets.

The Japanese can’t get enough porn. Last year they bought $1.2 billion worth of Adult DVDs which is about 30 percent of the overall video market in the nation. However apparently numbers are slipping. Some think this might be because users have been facing hard times, others belief that the internet is to blame.

Now with the thought of “coming at ya” performances it might be enough to kick start 3D TV sales and give porn industry executives much needed, er, relief.

Bloomberg quoted BRICs Research as saying hat “3-D technology is just what the porn industry needed.”

Sony, the world’s third-largest TV maker, plans to offer 3D Bravia TVs in Japan from June 10 and in the U.S. and Europe later this summer, according to Yuki Shima, a Tokyo-based spokeswoman. Panasonic became the first major TV maker to sell high-definition 3-D sets in the U.S. in March and in Japan in April. Sharp Corp. and Mitsubishi Electric Corp. have said they plan to sell similar products.

S1 No.1Style spent three months making its first 3-D films, triple the time for a normal production.

The directors told Bloomberg that it was a different filming experience using a new camera. Actors had to move more slowly, furniture had to be relocated and lighting rearranged to make it work.