Pony Express bankers say sod off to mobile phones and iPads

Wells Fargo, which is better known over here as wild west courier outfit the “Pony Express”, seems to have frozen its technology at the landline telephone.

The outfit, which no longer hires Charlton Heston or George Reeves, re-invented itself as a bank and is taking a dim view of executives who want an iPad or a mobile phone.

According to Network World , Wells Fargo’s IT group is telling employees who want to hook personal devices up to corporate systems where to place their IT gear, and it is not on the network.

Wayne Mekjian, executive vice president and CIO of information services at Wells Fargo, says the “just say no” policy applies to Apple iPads, Android tablets and smartphones owned by employees.

Don’t Twitter or use Facebook and the only smart phones you are allowed to use are what the boss says.

President and head of Wells Fargo’s technology integration office Martin Davis said that people just need to buy gear for home and gear for work.

Wells Fargo has its wagons in a circle against the consumerisation of IT. Pressure from evangelical Apple fanboys to make their insecure gizmos part of the corporate IT furniture has led many large enterprises to reconsider restrictive policies on employee-owned devices.

The move at Wells Fargo is not that popular. The outfit recently bought Wachovia which had a totally different view on the use of devices and social networking sites.

Wells Fargo thinks that the policy wasn’t secure and would allow far too may Injuns to get into the heights above you. That is what happened to Custer.