Plug your PC into a nuclear power station

Pushing your set up to extremes? Then two way or even three way SLI could be tempting. The guru of 3D delves into this in extensive detail. Nvidia looks to have scaling sorted with two way SLI coming out favourably against ATI’s Crossfire offerings.

When the third card goes in, you’re faced with what is probably at the edge of this generation’s hardware, but the gains may be outweighed by some of the more obvious negatives. You’ll need a direct cable to Sellafield, with power consumption peaking over a kilowatt, while also sounding more like industrial air conditioning than a PC. Read the full review @The Guru of 3D

With rising sea levels, melting ice caps and sad-looking polar bears, Kingston has added to the ever increasing ranks of eco products with HyperX LoVo memory. Having combined their top-end HyperX brand with the low voltage range, we’re not quite sure who this is aimed at. Offering tiny energy savings compared with other efficient components, it only starts to make sense when you look at performance, showing that sometimes less can equal more. Think of the polar bears @Tweak Town

POOWWWERRR as Jeremy Clarkson would say, is important to some and if you do fancy trying out that 3-way SLI, then you’ll need all you can get. Antec step up with their latest Truepower Quattro 1200W. With some question marks over its 80-plus credentials, and a few grumbles about noise levels, it’s not all rosy. We can’t help think any noise will be more than eclipsed by the rest of a rig needing this PSU. Make your own mind up @Overclockers Club

Thermaltake’s latest in its range of SpinQ processor coolers – the SpinQ VT – combines the best of performance and aesthetics to try and get our attention in a crowded field. Punching above its weight, while looking more Cindy Crawford than Frank Bruno, it certainly has Lan OC convinced of its pedigree. Read the full review @Lan OC

If air cooling isn’t cutting the mustard but you don’t have the time or money to set up custom water cooling, it might be worth having a look at the CoolIT Systems’ ECO A.L.C. This sealed system promises to be easy to install and require no maintenance, however its performance doesn’t stand up to the more extreme air cooling out there. Read more @Legit Reviews