PlayStation Phone details and photos leak

Details and pictures of the PlayStation Phone have leaked onto the web, giving us a very good idea of what to expect from the device.

IT168, a Chinese-language website, posted dozens of pictures of the phone, which shows that it looks very much like a standard high-end smartphone at first, but then when you slide open the keypad it looks very much like a PlayStation Portable, a hybrid that Sony was clearly aiming for.

The keypad contains the standard PlayStation triangle, square, circle and X buttons, a direction pad, Start, Select, and two thumb trackpads, all essential for gaming. IT168 is not sure that these will be trackpads in the finished version, as there are rumours that thin joystick buttons have yet to be added.

Most of the phone features, on the other hand, are accessible from the touchscreen. The phone is marked with the Sony Ericsson and Xperia labels and comes with four extra buttons at the bottom of the phone: Back, Menu, Home and Search.

We also now know some of the specifications of the device, such as a four-inch display with an 854×480 pixel resolution, a Qualcomm 1GHz Snapdragon QSD8255 processor, an Adreno 205 mobile graphics chip, 512MB or RAM, a microSD card slot, and a five megapixel camera with LED flash

That’s all pretty standard stuff for a good smartphone nowadays, although it may be a little dated by the time it launches, thanks to other manufacturers pushing for faster processors and higher amounts of memory. They don’t have the PSP lineup of games, however, which could make this a very attractive device for people who want to combine even more of their gadgets into one.

It’s also touting Android 2.3, the recently-released Gingerbread version. An app called PlayStation Pocket will also be included, presumably to download games.

Photos below courtesy of IT168: