Pixel Qi lets you swap old LCD screens for new

A startup company called Pixel Qi said it is preparing for distribution a kit that lets you change an LCD on a netbook for a better one it will offer.

This isn’t as scary as it might sound, claims the display startup. According to a post by a founder of the company,  Mary Lou Jepson, most people are too scared to change their laptop screen.

But, the blog continues, it’s only slightly more difficult than changing a light bulb. To change the screen, you undo six screws, pull off the bexel, disconnect the old screen and plug Pixel Qi’s new screen in.

What’s the advantage of changing on old LCD screen for a new one? Screen displays are big consumers of battery life and it will offer a screen that takes less juice, with the option to switch off an LED backlight.

Jepson claims in her blog that the idea came to her because she’d worked on the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) initiative in Nigeria, and realised that young children were perfectly capable of messing around with the innards of notebooks – and so netbooks too.

Pixel Qi has already made a 10.1-inch screen and claims the readability and legibility of its screens are as good as the best epaper available today.

It claims the screens use a half to a quarter the power of an ordinary LCD screen and you can use the screens in laptops in bright sunlight. Its web site is here.