Picture of Apple tablet tips up

Pictures  of what is claimed to be Apple’s new tablet have appeared online in response to Gawker  magazine offering large amounts of cash to those who can show them one.

The pictures show Steve Jobs at his design best, and setting the standard for a new form of computing. 

The machine, which is tipped to cost $1,000, has Apple’s traditional minimalist form, with the graphics being controlled by two iWheels rather than the expected touch screen. 

The “Lust Red” casing is a bold return to polymer casing, but since the tablet sports a Green Apple logo we are sure it must be fully recyclable.

It is not clear what is under the bonnet of the new tablet.  Many have suspected that it will be powered by Intel’s Atom, although the graphics seem to suggest Nvidia has had a hand in it.

An artist's impression of the iSlateOne of the Wow! features of the new tablet is that its screen is refreshed by turning it upside down and shaking it.  This is the sort of design brilliance that Apple is famous for.

Notation that comes with the leaked screen shot suggests that the battery life is indefinite.  If this is the case then it must have some form of solar panelling on the back which cannot be seen in this picture.  Certainly this would be a bold move to deal with those who believe that mobile hardware should last a long time between recharges.

Gawker has been hit by an Apple cease and desist letter for offering the bounty, but we were hoping that it would be brave and pay us up front.