PC gaming hardware spending expected to rocket

Expenditure on PC gaming hardware is expected to rocket as consumers ditch aging consoles in favour of high-performance computers.

A lack of ability to meet demands in cutting edge gaming is just one of the reasons why the PC gaming hardware market is booming, with expectations that it will hit $22 billion in sales across the globe, with a substantial jump of 27 percent forecast.

According to analysis from Jon Preddie Reseach the three main areas of mainstream, performance and particularly enthusiast are all expected to see a migration from console gamers seeking better performance in their hardware, boosting profits for PC firms.

Ted Pollack, Senior Gaming Analyst for JPR cites the systems demands of the modern first person shooters (FPSs) and real time strategy games as one of the reasons why PCs are becoming more attractive as a gaming platform.

The continued reduction in price of high resolution displays are also a contributing factor to the appeal of PC gaming, alongside the ease of access provided by digital distribution sites such as Steam and Direct2Drive.

Advancements made with Direct X11 will also contribute to inceased sales, while an  appetite for accessories such as speaker systems, cases, cooling and peripherals such as headsets and mice will also boost revenue.

The desire among tech enthusiasts to use cutting edge photo and video hardware and software means that additional strains are being put on system processing power.

It is highlighted in the research that one of the areas that is expected to see impressive growth is in Asia, with China expected to account for $2.7 billion in expenditure as gaming continues to take hold – meaning that internet cafes are forced to upgrade systems to accommodate for power-hungry customers.

Russia is also expected to see significant increases, particularly in the enthusiast and mainstream class, with the latter supposedly seeing 22 percent compound annual growth rate up until 2014.

Jon Peddie points to the gathering interest in 3D capabilities in machine and displays as a driving factor in the demand for monitors with higher resolutions, with those in the enthusiast category looking towards displays with resolutions in excess of the HD maximum of 1080p that game consoles are capable of utilising.

Low end systems are also expected to do well this year, with games offered through social networks expected to continue thrill the casual gamer masses, leading to more interest in price ranges around the $500 mark. 

While the desktop PC market facing stiff competition as mobile computing becomes more fashionable, it appears that, according to JPR at least, the superior potential for PC gaming could provide some, ahem, consolation.