Panasonic slashes prices on 3D televisions

Japanese giant Panasonic is to create a partnership with US retailer Best Buy in a push to combat Sony in what it considers to be the lucrative 3D TV market.

According to, it will launch the push on Wednesday and will cut prices by as much as a half.

It also wants to push its plasma 3D TVs. Best Buy is to create special displays all across Best Buy outlets in the USA and will eventually extend the scheme to 1,000 shops across the country.

The Wall Street Journal says that a 50-inch 3D Panasonic model will cost around $2,500, nearly half the price of a unit in Japan. Perhaps Panasonic will give away more than one pair of the 3D specs you need.

Panasonic faces fierce competition from both Samsung and Sony – the latter has more or less said it is depending on sales of 3D televisions in the future.