Paddy Power offers odds on iPad sales

Far be it from us to call bookies cynical, but when Paddy Power offered odds of 7/4 on the name of Apple’s thing being called iPad, we wondered about its inside information.

Steve Wozniak - courtesy Wikimedia CommonsThe 4/5 on bet was the iSlate, and we’re sure the turf accountant has hedged its bets and made a fortune anyway. The odds 7/4 aren’t too bad, but let’s hope that Paddy Power had no significant Apple employees making a wee fortune.

Anyway, there’s always a gamble to be taken and now Paddy Power is offering odds on how many iPads are going to be sold.

A missive is offering 8/1 on under one million, 7/2 on one million to two million, 11/4 on two million to three million, five to two on three million to four million, five to one on four million to five million, eight to one on five million to six million and three to one over six million.

As Paddy Power warns us, all prices remain subject to fluctuation. But a million of anything is quite a lot.