Overclock your system from your mobile phone

Ever thought about overclocking your system from a mobile phone? No, well neither have we. But someone must have, as Asus included the feature in the latest republic of gamers’ motherboard, the Crosshair IV formula.

This high end AM3 board doesn’t stop there, with options to overclock from the board, BIOS, included software, an attached laptop or your mobile phone, it seems to be aimed squarely at system tweakers. All the usual are included in this generation’s AMD boards the 890FX north bridge and the SB850 south to give 6Gb SATA and support for 4 PCI-E cards – and there are also a couple of USB 3.0 ports, courtesy of NEC. Asus latest lives up to the rest of the series, catch the wibble @Inside HW

Corsair Force 100 sounds to us like a pirate b-movie but scupper that! Instead we’re talking about a new entry into the SSD world. Using the impressively specced SandForce 1200 controller to take on the competition, this drive looks to set the mark in many of the synthetic and real-world tests. Some concerns are raised about how this performance has been achieved, highlighting questionable firmware tweaking from Corsair that’s likely to annoy SandForce as much as the competition. If raw performance is what you’re after, check out the review @Hardware Canucks

Think Computers have a look at the Antec p193 Super Mid Tower case. Build quality and features are as expected from Antec, with enough room to incorporate the most excessive of set-ups. Separate compartments for power and system, and enough head room to fit even the largest of air cooling solutions, means components should be kept nicely chilled. The extra room is provided, in part, by an unfortunate ugly growth on the side of this otherwise nice-looking case, housing an additional 200mm fan. See if you could live with it @Think Computers

Scyth revives one of its older lines with the Samurai ZZ cpu cooler. This design goes back to the days when heat pipes weren’t the norm and you didn’t need a garage to house your air-cooled PC. The revamped design does add a couple of extra pipes, and offers mid-range performance but with a much lower profile than many of today’s best. If you’re limited by space and are looking for something better than stock, then this might be a worth a look @ TweakTown

Custom CPU cooler set-ups are the norm but few dare touch the GPU stock coolers. Neoseeker tries its luck with the Prolimatech MK-13 on a HD5870. It found installation trouble free and it easily outperforms stock and some of the competition. The cooler uses a universal mounting, and although it’s not compatible with all cards, it has every chance of being future proof. This could be the custom answer to the growing number of manufacturers’ over-clocked cards on the market. Read more @Neo Seeker

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