Otellini: we are in a personal-computer centric world

Intel boss Paul Otellini is standing up to the computer press and saying there is still a place for PC next to smartphones and tablets.

Sales figures for PCs have been falling and many think that this is due to the rise of Apple’s iPad, or if they are feeling charitable, Google’s Android.

Intel’s CEO told PC World that rather than a tablet or phone-centric world, we are in a personal computing centric world.

Otellini said that the world is still personal computing centric with different types of computing devices or form factors. Some of these will appeal to people who have different types of jobs or to people of different income levels.

He confessed that while he loved his iPad, he has not given up on his laptop. Otellini couldn’t do his job without his laptop.

He said that people who create things will always need real computers and that is not going to go away anytime soon. Otellini believes that some of them can move to Ultrabooks but not all.

Otellini said that the desktop business is still significant but is not growing very much and most of the sales are offshore in emerging markets.

He also said that the nay-sayers who said nay about the Ultrabook have been proved wrong.

Ultrabook sales are right on target from what he expected, he said.

Apparently, Intel did not expect it to be gigantic in the first half. This was because Intel had to get “multiple skews in” and everyone knows they are tricky creatures to wrangle.

Otellini said that the prices were too high initially, but in the fourth quarter, the price points and the number of models that are going to be available, the breadth of distribution, show that Intel is on track to meet the goals that it set out publicly.