Oracle plans new cloud suite

Things have not been going that well for Oracle lately with the press more likely to mention the name in association with court cases. But now there is the shocking news that Oracle is actually releasing a product.

According to Reuters, Oracle CEO Larry Ellison, the billionaire chief exec, will launch a suite of cloud-based software products and computing services in the first week of June.

Oracle makes most of its cash selling software that companies install in their own data centres. However it is behind smaller software vendors, such as in using internet distribution.

Oracle makes $1 billion a year from web-based software. Ellison told an All Things Digital conference that it is only a third what projects it will pull in during the current year.

Ellison said his new cloud-based products will be based around Oracle’s databases and business management software.

He is expected to announce more details on 6 June. If the range comes out as expected then it could see Oracle getting out of the suing business and aggressively competing again.