Oracle makes big claims about its x86 servers

Oracle has announced an update to its x86 servers featuring Intel’s latest, the E7 family.

It’s talking about a new benchmark result for the servers, which are based on Intel’s recently announced Xeon processor E7 family. According to Oracle, the servers can run enterprise Java applications, which it says is demonstrated by the “record-breaking four processor performance” for its SPECjbb2005 on the upcoming Sun Fire X4470 M2 server.

Apparently, the new servers also have an “up-to” 39 percent increase in overall system performance, compared to their older cousins meaning customers, in theory could see more memory capacity. It also means the eco conscious can run software more effectively.

And the company is making some bold claims which could ruffle the feathers of its competitors. It says that its servers have an up to 51 percent lower three-year total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to multi-vendor alternatives from the likes of HP or IBM.

Moving away from the boasting and willy waving, the x86 line works with Oracle’s Database 11g, Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g and Oracle Applications.