Oracle keeps quiet about HP's frenzied Itanium defence

Oracle has been uncharacteristically quiet about a sudden rant from HP pledging its loyalty to Itanium in the same way that a Texan, who has never seen combat, gets all misty eyed about flying a flag of the stars and stripes, which was made in China, on his front lawn.

ITPro cornered Martin Fink, Senior Vice President and General Manager of HP’s Business Critical Systems unit, at the HP Discover event in Vienna and asked him whether Odyssey was a sign that HP was de-emphasising Itanium for its customers.

He seemed to get a bit upset and said they were only asking that question because he supported X86 and therefore can’t support Itanium.

Fink muttered that Oracle supports the X86 platform, but they still push SPARC and they haven’t deemphasised. IBM pushes X86, but still push POWER and they haven’t deemphasised.

“Why would you make that inference that because I announce support for X86 that I’m less committed to Itanium? I’m very committed to Itanium! It’s a very common thing in the industry to support X86 and a proprietary hardware,” he cried to ITPro.

Yes, but… HP and Oracle are in very public war about the future of Itanium and Oracle insists that both the maker of expensive printer ink and Intel have hatched a cunning plan to pull the carpet out from under the feet of Itanium users.

We understand that given the legal situation Fink is a little touchy about not being seen as an Itanium lover who carries a picture of the chip in his wallet.

He added that the competition had two separate families of computers. In the case of IBM, X86 and Power. HP has one infrastructure which everything goes into. This is “so much better for customers because they can deploy one infrastructure and can fill half of it with Itanium and half with X86. They can’t do that with IBM or with Oracle.”

We asked Oracle for a comment on Fink’s outburst but it was surprisingly shy. We think it must be the cold weather – maybe ice cools the bile.