Onboard computer proved that Top Gear faked review

Californian electric car maker Tesla is suing the BBC claiming that a Top Gear review of its sporty electric car was faked.

The outfit claims that the review was a  libel and malicious falsehood and it wants to make sure that the Beeb doesn’t repeat it ever again.

During the show, Tesla Roadsters are depicted as suffering several critical “breakdowns” during track driving. Jeremy Clarkson said something like “if this car was a vegetable, it would be one which had the s*** boiled out of it and left by the side of the road for two weeks”. Actually he didn’t say anything that clever, it was something like “it didn’t work”.

What got Tesla’s goat was that the car was shown as running out of charge and had to be pushed into the Top Gear hangar by four men. It claimed that the Roadster’s true range is only 55 miles per charge and not 211.

In one scene a Roadster’s motor overheated and was completely immobilised as a result and another Roadster’s brakes were broken, rendering the car undriveable.

Tesla claims the break-downs were staged, making most of Top Gear’s claims about the Roadster untrue. What is more it has the car’s onboard computers to back it up.

If Tesla is right then it might mean that telly people who create “entertainment” events pretending to be factual, might get caught out…. and if this presenter were a part of the body he would be a right tit.