On safari in Taipei’s Nangan we discover a great white shark

After a visit to the vast halls of Computex Nangan, we sauntered into the press office in the Trade Centre building back in civilisation to be greeted by golem.de top hack Nico Ernst. He said: “Mike, you’re dressed in your safari outfit.”

Indeed I was. In search of the elusive scoop, I had ventured on a long trek, troubled by numberless difficulties which I won’t go into here, and eventually reached Nangan, a place beyond the heart of Old Taipei,  where you are almost guaranteed to encounter the  most unusual flora and fauna to be found on this paradise island of Taiwan.

My chief find, and I am proud to paddle my own canoe here, happened  to be the very rare Great White Shark swimming in a tank in front of a company called Strontium Memory. Not to scale, in reality the man on the other side of the tank is way way tinier than the monster from the deep.

Compared to the live shark, this group of men in front of the Samsung stand displayed the mating habits of an average Computex attendee. What held their interest so steadily? It was a bunch of scantily clothed lasses, sort of the equivalent of a tribe led by Raquel Welch that seemed to be of more interest than phones and displays just behind them. Some of them seem to be emailing the pictures they’ve just taken, no doubt to their doting and understanding wives.

Samsung d'amour, la la la la

Here we see a scantily clad native on the Huawei stand, encouraging men to sit down and engage in mutual video conferencing with each other.

Doting wives get pictures of husbands via TechEye

We braved the jungles of Nangan to discover a pre-historic hybrid of a woman and a butterfly, instructing the folk of NvidiaLand to discover their inner selves.  That reminds me of a photo Nico Ernst took at a bar called the K9 in another remote part of the Taipei jungle  at a Computex many years ago.  We believe it is now, sadly, lost in pre-history.

Huawei the Lads!